Various Job Vacancies Oil & Gas Drilling Company

Client kami di Benin ingin merekruit anda2 yang berpengalaman di bidang Drilling dengan term and condition seperti di bawah. Silahkan kirim CV ke kami AKAOGAS Training Center EMAIL:,, untuk kami teruskan ke end user.

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Our company Head Office is located here in Benin Republic. We are confirming to you our requirement details and salary structure, see attachment. The first contract signing will be One year (1 yr) with a working rotation of three months (3 months) ON One Month OFF. During the One Month off period the workers will receive their normal monthly salary. in addition, our company will bear the cost of their visiting air ticket to their home land and return after the termination of the One month off period. The interview will be by CV and documents selection for approval before we can proceed with online visual interview with the approved candidates.

Food: free food of any meal of their choice.
Accommodation: provided by our company
Transport: free transport provided by our company
Medical: free medication to be provided by our company company
Contract period: Two years, extendable
Working days in a week_5 days, a week and 8 hours per day.
Overtime: 50 USD per hour
Ticket/visa: will be provided by our company.
Our company will arrange for the candidates traveling documents and plane ticket to Benin.

1. MOTORMAN: lubricates and maintains machinery and equipment such as generators, steering systems, and sewage disposal systems, and also cleans and restores tools and equipment. Salary: USD 3.550

2. FITTER WELDER: Is certified to perform welding on a boiler, pressure piping system or fitting. They join or sever metals used in the construction of beams, piping, and other metal components, and weld parts, tools, machines and equipment used in the oil and gas industry, also known as arc welding. Salary: USD 3.700

3. ROUSTABOUT: Guide the operators and attach lifting slings to the loads. They also mix drilling mud, which is used to lubricate the drill bit that bores into the ground. Roustabout who works on oil rigs also must maintain by cleaning, scraping and painting the deck, equipment and work areas. Salary: USD 2.500.

4. OILER: The main duty of an oiler is maintaining, cleaning and, at times, operating engine parts, including blowers, compressors, motors, gears, ejectors and other equipment. They are responsible for operating the lubricant filtering and purifying equipment and keeping logs of the oiling. Salary: USD 2.500.

5. FLOORMAN: responsible for Assisting the well operator in rigging up and rigging down, pulling and laying down rods, FLOORMAN position can also be called DERRICKMAN or ROUGHNECK. Salary: USD 3.800.

6. CRANE OPERATOR: Responsible for the safe and efficient execution of loading/unloading operations as well as organizing and supervising the deck crews. Salary: USD 3.600.

7. COOK: Responsible in making continental meals. Salary: USD 2.900.

8. MALE NURSE: He ensures that the stock of medical and nursing supplies is kept at the required level at all times, and gives proper first aid treatments to injured workers before taking to hospital for adequate medications. Salary: USD 2.800.

9. ELECTRICAL OFFICER: He is in charge of maintenance of all switchboard including main switchboard and emergency switchboard, with the chief engineer’s instructions. Salary: USD 4.300

10. MECHANIC: They diagnose, repair and maintain machines and hydraulic systems, engine room equipment and related mechanical systems. Salary: USD 3.700.

11. CHIEF ENGINEER: Their responsibility is to overseeing the entire engineering department and responsible for the maintenance and operation of all engineering equipment during operations. Salary: USD 5.500

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